Put Christ Back in Christmas??


Put Christ Back in Christmas?

For the past several years there has been a common cry go out in our country: “Put Christ back in Christmas!” Many of the people I know who send out that message on social media and share emails emblazoned with that phrase are also folks that quit going to Church a long time ago. If we are honest with ourselves, the truth is Christ never left…it is people who have left.

This year Christmas falls on a Sunday. If it is anything like the last time this happened, many, many churches will be closed. The most often reason given: Christmas is a family time, so people should be with their families that morning. The Holy Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ is one of the great Feast Days of the year. It is not meant to be simply a “family time” for us to share presents. It is the celebration of God becoming man (the Incarnation) for our salvation. His Birth changed this world forever!

The word “Christmas” comes to us from two Old-English words: “Christ’s Mass”. It was a church service dedicated to the Birth of Christ. Christmas was a family time only in the sense that the entire family went to Church to celebrate His Holy Nativity.

Put Christ back in Christmas? No, we should put ourselves back in Christmas; worshiping the One called Emmanuel: “God with us!”

If you are looking for a Church that will be celebrating this great Feast Day of the Faith, check out your local Orthodox Church. They will all be open Christmas morning and they will all be worshiping the One Who became man for our salvation. And do make it a family time by inviting all your family and your friends.

Have a blessed and joyous celebration of the Holy Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ!!

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